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Love the nostalgia of text-based games. What's the hardest part in building a game like this, @guanxsi?
@rrhoover At least we spent 4 days to make the perfect native colors for iOS😄
Odd landing page... there's pretty much no information. No link. Weird.
@bentossell Thank you for your comment. Just updated it for mobile. And we are currently working to improve it.
@guanxsi I'm on desktop. I'd suggest adding links to download the game at least. This is all I see:
@bentossell It was a bug with svg. Thank you. Now it should work.
@guanxsi Can see it now but not the whole button is clickable btw... it also covers the email at the bottom :)
@bentossell Thank you! Checking it.
Huge incremental game fan (Tap Titans/Kittens Game/Cookie Clicker/etc). Just starting, but the minimal look and the VFX are a nice touch thus far (more sparkles, please!). The one immediate issue I'm noticing in the UI is that it's hard to tell there's more info on the dragon detail screen pages below the cut, particularly the ones where the button sits flat above the quests (I'm assuming those are quest type deals on the bottom). Also, just curious, and specifically because all of the previous games I've played of this type are FTP, why such a high price-point?
@bulius Thanks for a review. It is really useful for us. We have been working on this issue already. We are making an experiment with Business Model, we tried to make it very qualitatively. It looks minimal but we have spent months to make every pixel perfect. Hope this would work for us) Otherwise we will try FTP model.
@guanxsi I've been having an issue with this game. I'll go to another app and when I return to my dragons, everything returns back to 0.
@melissarios94 Thanks for your review. When did it happen? Have you sacrificed already?
@melissarios94 @guanxsi this happens to me too. I have already sacrificed (which I know resets everything). It always takes me back a day or so and removes all my progress for that day :/