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Everyday you have a lot of ideas. Do not let them go waste.

#2 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2019
“A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.”
With The Idea App you can save your ideas and review it later like dating app hotties. Decide if your idea is still hot or nor.
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How is it different from jotting down in Notes though?
@sidyakinian the whole idea of this app is review your ideas after time. So about your question - in note app you can't review your ideas like tinder etc. Of course if someone prefer to just see a list of his notes, that's fine. I created this app for personal use as everyday I have a lot of ideas, but after time I see it again and 70% of them isn't that good as I thought during creating notes. I used notes app for that, but very quickly it was a mess with one big list of Ideas.
we need a place for ideas that we will never do that's public to inspire others someone booted a site up on here but no one ever used it
@kristen_rayford nice idea. Will keep it in mind for next release with new functiona. Thanks!

Please have a webapp or android version atleast


Good App as per description and looks


Not on Android.

Thanks for feedback. I think webapp doesnt have much sense as its quite personal. I will try to make android version too. Its free app Im doing in free time so it’s hard to find time for development. But if iOS version will be usefull and downloaded I will make Android one defo.
Interesting. Yes, we do have the tendency to have lots of crazy & creative ideas. So to keep track of them for further brainstorm and/or design is a useful way to test them out for product-market fit validation.
@paullsc thanks Paul. I hope the app will help