'The Humans Strike Back' by Hotjar is a weekly podcast designed to help you succeed by putting people first.

Each week, learn the stories of other humans who are making a difference & thriving by putting their users, customers, team members first – so you can learn from them, take action and grow.

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Hey, Louis here from Hotjar - I'm the hunter of 'The Humans Strike Back' but it was a team effort, believe me... Right now I could describe at length how hard we worked to make this podcast happen or how many hours we spent on in front of our laptop to launch on time... But I'm not going to do that. Instead, let me tell you the real story behind 'The Humans Strike Back' by Hotjar... -- BUT, before that, let's answer two concerns you might have right now: > Concern #1: "Grrr... Same 10 interviewees that are on every tech podcast" Looking at the second picture with all our guests' faces, you would be right, be hear me out. When I started this project I started to interview people I knew - It was easier for me... and a bit lazy. But when my colleague David Peralta got involved, he turned everything on its head... We will have a healthy amount of 'superstars' AND super interesting people you haven't heard about before. The topics will go beyond tech or marketing. We'll talk about privacy, self-care, putting your team first, etc... > Concern #2: "Grrr... Only 2 women in the line-up so far... Talk about being human!" Looking at the second picture it's also very true but this isn't the real picture. We're happy to announce the following guests on 'The Humans Strike Back' in the next few weeks: - Poornima Vijayashanker - Founder, femgineer.com - Ayelet Baron - Purpose + Profit - Sarah Doody - UX Expert - Lucia Guillory - Head of People, Patreon - Sharon Salzberg - Insight Meditation teacher - Diana Chapman – founder, Conscious Leadership Group The guests we will have on 'The Humans Strike Back' will come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise. -- Right, back to the story. 'The Humans Strike Back' started because I hadn’t come close to meeting the target I had set myself of 50,000 hits per month on the Hotjar blog. I was focusing so much on this target that I had forgotten about helping people to reach their goals. My CEO David Darmanin had a call with me to put things into perspective (this was in November): “Yes, reaching our objectives in the long-term is important but you know what is even more important? Helping our users to reach theirs. That’s what we care about first. The amount of subscribers, the number of signups, the traffic on our website, our profits… They all come after." I then made the decision to wipe away our entire content strategy. 6 months worth of work went up in flames, just like that. “What if we could interview people who generated results by putting people first?” After some trials and errors, we zoomed in on 'The Humans Strike Back', a weekly podcast designed to help people succeed by putting people first. If you want to know the full story behind 'The Humans Strike Back' subscribe to the podcast on https://www.hotjar.com/humans and you will receive it via email 🔥 Take care and be human. Louis + Hotjar Team
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@louisslices Way to go Louis!! Congrats on the launch. 💪 I first "met you" (over the internet) when I saw the everyonehatesmarketers podcast. And I knew more awesome stuff was going to come. Love your bold approach. Keep it up!
@smgrieser Thanks Stefanie - very kind of you! So happy that Hotjar is a company where we can take those risks.

The first episode is so good - Rand Fishkin (one of my favorite people in tech) is the first interviewee, which is appropriate since his values of transparency and doing well by doing good are so aligned with what this show is about.


H2H (human to human)


To be 100% honest, none.

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This is a truly valuable podcast for the people who care about doing marketing or engineering growth or playing a role in advancing the project they're working on in a way that's human, empathy-driven and ethical.

With so many shortcuts, being able to create true value, without gimmicks, without tricks and using dark patterns is rare and sought-after.

I can't wait to listen to more episodes and put the wisdom in them to work! For me, they are truly useful and actionable.


Empathy-driven marketing


Nothing so far.

Awesome 🔥Subscribed!
@jijosunny YOU're awesome! Love what you're doing with Buy Me A Coffee :)
@louisslices 💕That's it –– we're ditching smartlook for Hotjar 😄
@jijosunny Awesome! Please email me (louis@hotjar.com) if you need anything.
Awesome initiative 👏
@omermolad Thanks so much Omer!