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So, this episode is pretty different from our others. Sagi and I recently quit our jobs and turned our side project (Hacking UI) into our full time gig. It's been a crazy experience so far and we've learned a ton. In this episode we discuss where we're at and what we're feeling after working on Hacking UI full time for about a month or so. We also discuss how our motivation is centered around helping others and being the storytellers of the products that we create for our audience. That's the reason why we launched The Side Project Accelerator, and we also talk about that a little bit in this episode and what it's been like through about a week of the program. We both are obsessed with consuming content, and we share our favorite books and podcasts, as well as the methods we use to read and listen to them. I hope you enjoy listening and would really love your feedback!
Like @david wrote, this was a different kind of episode and we would love for you to hear it and let us know what you think!
Looking forward to having a listen to this on the weekend! Looks like you guys put out some great stuff.