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Hi everyone We've been experimenting with chatbots for a few weeks now - testing multiple prototypes to understand what our readers find valuable. This is the first release and will iterate further from here. See what we're upto: Check out our new live election result alerts on our app too. Thanks for the add @chrismessina! Chris
@chrisalexwilk @chrismessina Interesting. I'm following the bot space so we can learn if there's value in this for our clients. Will watch this closely.
@chrisalexwilk Very interesting. Will start using it.
@chrisalexwilk what's your take on other news bots in the space, especially those with a native component like Quartz?
@chrismessina It did some user research on our competitors bots. We found that the linear conversation format was delighting at first, but then very jarring after a few more times (especially for our use cases). We still have a lot to learn. You can be very creative with conversational interfaces. Our users are new to chatbots and have to be taught the potential value of them. I don't think anyone has got it right yet, but I can definitely see native apps having a chat / voice element built in as it's brilliant for content discovery. We're writing up our findings on our developer blog. Here was our first from our first discovery sprint: We've got some fun ideas to test that bring our stories to life, but we need to build an audience on the platform first.
The Guardian is the latest news provider to join the #bot trend. What are these news bots replacing? Native apps? RSS readers? Twitter? I like that this bot allows you to set your morning news schedule (6am, 7am, or 8am), and also follows you as you travel, adjusting delivery to fit your timezone.
please add Telegram.
@tomflemming Yes - it's definitely in our sights. We can iterate faster on one platform.