The Grammarly Keyboard for Android is a personal editor that works seamlessly across all apps. It offers a comprehensive set of writing suggestions to make you a more effective writer.

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Thanks for the hunt, @arunsathiya! Since we launched our iOS app a few weeks ago, Android users have been eagerly asking for the Grammarly Keyboard. Today, we’re happy to deliver! The Grammarly Keyboard is now available on Android devices. We’re excited to bring Grammarly’s AI-powered algorithms to the people who believe in the value of clear, articulate, and error-free writing. Like the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, the Grammarly Keyboard for Android integrates with all your mobile apps, including Twitter, Tinder, email, texting apps, and the mobile browser. It offers a comprehensive set of writing suggestions, from context-specific recommendations, including voice and clarity, to fundamentals, such as grammar and punctuation. Give it a try and let us know what you think — your feedback goes a long way toward making our products better.
@ru1iak any particular reason why you guys don’t include swipe typing within the app? Cheers.
@lyondhur We wanted to give our Android users access to the app as soon as it was ready. But we do know that swipe typing is an essential feature for many Android users, so it’s something we will be tackling in the future. Thanks for trying out our keyboard and providing feedback. Stay tuned!
@ru1iak cheers Roman. I also meant the iOS version. I use a combination of both operational systems for personal and work life, and this would be my number one reason not to use Grammarly on my mobile devices, although I really love your product on the desktop. By the way, I simply spoke this entire paragraph on my iPhone. 😄
@lyondhur @ru1iak Dude thanks for making an android version for grammar lyrics. Two weeks ago I was looking for this on the playstore now is available.
.@grammarly finally comes to Android! This was rather a long wait. 🎉
I like your extension for chrome. It helps a lot. I'll definitely try your app. Thank you
Goodbye SwiftKey. GRAMMARLY here I come. 😄😆😘🙆
Go Ayan and the Grammarly team!