The Google Cemetery 2.0

Dead Google products and their alternatives 👻🎃

#4 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2019
Don’t be sad 😢, your favorite Google products might be no more ⚰but, like bouncing back from a bad relationship, it’s time for you to move on!! To help you rebound, we have compiled a list of dead Google product alternatives for you to choose.
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The Google Cemetery 2.0 features 👇 🆕 Brand new design 😼 Sort by product category ☠️ Death by year 🎁 Alternatives for dead products ⏱️ Average lifespan of dead Google products ⚠️ Near death products (upcoming announced product cancellations) 👍 Favorite / Like dead products So, this Halloween 🎃which dead google product will you choose as your costume to spook? BOO! 👻
Hehe, there are products I haven't even knew they existed... nice project! gg
Best and very informative 👍
Hey @naeemol! What features are new in this version since the last one?
@calum The first version only had a list of products and the reason why they were discontinued. You can see my other comment on all the new features in 2.0
I forgot about some of these , definitely brings me some nostalgia. Good job 👏🏾