The Gekko Digest

Daily emails for early stage investors using Product Hunt

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whoa...just saw that our hack day project got posted! This product was the result of an internal hack day we did last Friday at Knowtify ( The idea was to mash up a few different data sources (starting with Product Hunt & AngelList) to give early stage investors an interesting daily email. We're pretty happy with the results and will be iterating on it over the next few weeks...
Love the name
@AnujAdhiya Thanks, Anuj! Obviously, it's just a working title as we'll raise a few copyright flags if Fox ever hears about it (as @techtidbitsme mentioned)...but it's fun :)
@dskaletsky looking forward to my first email digest but do you have a sample to share now? :)
I'll send you a sample now Ryan. This will be similar to the one going out tomorrow morning unless we find time to make a few iterations :) We'd love to get some feedback on which data points we need to include in this thing to compliment the PH digest for people more interested from an investing POV. BTW, the data in the email isn't fresh. We'll update that tonight.
@rrhoover Yeah - what @duilen said :)
if anyone is interested, we also live blogged our hack day when we built this: Next time, we'd like some co-conspirators...