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Good clients and great pay (a free email course)

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Hey all, I freelance because I love being a freelancer. It gives me the ability to chart my own path in life, not to mention working in my underwear (with my clients being none-the-wiser). I choose who I work with, when I work, and most importantly, when I don’t need to work. I got tired of hearing my fellow freelancers complain about bad clients and not getting paid enough, so I created this course. Cheers, Paul
I took Paul's Creative Class (, and it was amazing. The first course I actually finished. I'm sure this will be amazing too!
@laurenholliday_ Heck ya, thanks Lauren! And as a current student of TCC, you can grab the content of this email course as a PDF in the "intro" section of TCC :)
Paul gave me a sneak peak at his own client on-boarding process, and it is *super* slick, looking forward to checking this out :)
@j_greig Thanks James!
I think these are truly the hidden gems of the product world that only existed in a creator's vacuum before Product Hunt. If you're a freelancer, this is your continuing education!
Every self respecting freelancer has to check this out. As a freelancer you don't necessarily start a business because you want to have a business. You just want to get money for the thing you enjoy doing. I started following some courses last year and it has helped me immensely with how I approached working for Product Hunt. I'll check this one out as well.
@jonnotie Thanks Jonno! Can't wait to hear what you think.