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@tnorthcutt Kudos on the relevant giffery! Is giffery a word? I figured you'd be the one to ask.
@pjrvs actually, no. You could use 'giffery' to describe the place gifs are kept (similar to a rookery), though.
Hey all - I decided a few weeks ago to do something I was pretty nervous about - launching a solo podcast. Happy I pulled the trigger, now I'll be releasing a new episode each week for folks that work for themselves. I kept it short on purpose - 10 minutes or so. No intros, no sponsors, just straight into me chatting. Cheers! PS: for the next 48 hours, anyone can use the code PODCAST to get $100 off my course, the Creative Class (which is the parent course to this podcast) Paul
@pjrvs Kudos for the short episodes. I love the short digestible format for podcasts that are providing advice/instruction/etc.
@pjrvs who are your top 5 ideal guests?
@eriktorenberg hey Erik - no guests, it's a solo podcast :-)
@pjrvs congrats Paul! πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š
Congrats on the launch, Paul! I like podcasts with no guests best, and I can never find enough, so I'm looking forward to giving this a go :)
@bellebcooper thanks belle! hopefully mine lives up to the "no guests best" standard :)
I've listened to the first episodes and it's a no-nonsense kind of podcast. To the point and actionable. Glad you decided to release it!
@vcolinau thanks vanessa! i shall endeavour for more no-nonsenses as i go :)
Sounds awesome. 10 minutes is perfect and probabbly just possible with a solo podcast. I recently didn't found time for any other podcast due to their length, but will tune into this one!
@jaschaio that was my feeling too - i'd listen to more if some where shorter.