The First 100

Proven framework for acquiring your first 100 customers

Product development is one big science experiment - but there’s one thing that can be guaranteed: the more people interacting with your product, the more feedback you’ll get, and the closer you’ll get to building something they actually want. Our goal in this book is to help you develop an idea into a business, starting with your fist 100 customers

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Hi Ben! How did you compile this guide? What's your methodology behind it?
@nickabouzeid Nick, great question! We ran retrospectives on over a 100+ completed Roadmapping engagements in the past year understanding what went well. From there, I worked on laying out the findings with my editors to bring this to fruition. We had at least 5 iterations before this one we were distributing to our founders for feedback.

Ben Lee provides some great insights when it comes to product development. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to build a product.


Great read



Congrats on the launch Ben! Have you considered doing something a bit like what @levelsio did for his book? I thought it was a pretty clever way to let the user have a good idea of what to expect.
@guillaumebardet Thanks Guillaume! Looks awesome. Will definitely discuss with the team.
@benleenr You're very welcome Ben, I figured that might help with conversion rates.
This is awesome @ben! Way more comprehensive than I expected
Congrats on the launch!