The Everyday Calendar by Simone Giertz

Motivate yourself to do a daily task with gold stars

#3 Product of the DayNovember 02, 2018

The Everyday Calendar by Simone Giertz is the calendar you've been waiting for. Each day you get a gold star for whatever you're trying to achieve - daily meditation? Guitar practice? The world is your oyster.

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I'm a HUGE fan of Simone Giertz and to think I can now own one of her creations fills me with joy! Can't wait for these to drop. I try creating daily habits with apps like Productive but I know having something tangible - and aesthetically pleasing - is the trick I've been missing. WDYT of it?

The functionality can be easily copied in a digital format. There are more robust solutions in digital format present in the market : apps in the apple (Strike is an example) and android stores (habitbull for example).


It is a physical product and it is gonna be at your place of choice at all times


Quite expensive. There are free app equivalents in the market. Limited interface, just works for a single habit. Monocolor, not expandable.

It's so cool that I kinda wish it did more. E.g. I wish the current day was illuminated
@timwinfree That might be the only feature I'd add, but I kind of dig how minimal it is.
Such a great idea, it's the upgrade calendars have needed!
I like it👍🏻