The Essential Email Planner

A better way to organize and plan your email newsletters

A simple tool to manage, plan and collaborate on your email newsletters - in one place.
No fuss, no frills. Just copy the Planner into your Airtable Workspace and start planning.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Hunters! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Excited to share our first Product! After sending hundreds of email campaigns across our ecommerce brands, we realized how crucial it is to keep track of every email campaign. What started as a basic spreadsheet, evolved into the comprehensive tool where our email strategy is brought to life. You can plan a whole month in advance, day by day, add subject lines, select audiences, add visuals and even assign teammates to collaborate on emails. It's easy to use, it's visual and it covers everything you need for more efficiency. Many of our friends adopted the planner and their email game got better. We decided to share the planner with the Product Hunt community.😸 The planner was created with Airtable. You can one-click copy it in your workspace and customize it to your needs. (It's free to create an Airtable account!) Hope this helps and would love to hear your feedback! Cheers, Andrei & Lisa
Completely easy to use and by far beats the generic google calender. Switching up gears with this one! As always, outstanding work @lisapopovici and @andrei_negrau
@eric_mumo glad to hear it helps!
Amazing work as always Andrei and Lisa! Looking forward to try this out. Thanks guys!
@kevin_gullstrand Glad you like! it As always, looking forward your feedback!