The End-of-Year Business Toolkit

Checklists, templates, & resources to get ready for 2019.

#3 Product of the DayDecember 19, 2018

Is your business ready for 2019? The end of the year is nearly here, and there are important steps you need to take to close the year out properly.

This resource kit gives you what you need to do exactly that. And more importantly, you’ll get valuable templates to make sure that 2019 runs smoothly.

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Thanks @kwdinc for sharing this! Hi everyone! The End-of-Year Business Toolkit has a bunch of simple resources to help make sure you start 2019 on the right foot. It has checklists and a short survey to send around the company to check that everyone's done what they need to do before they go on vacation. Then we've included some very helpful templates and an ebook to ensure that your businesses processes - especially financial! - are efficient and work well for the whole team. Chartmogul and Spendesk wanted to put all of these resources in one place, so you wouldn't have to go looking. Let us know what you think!
wow, thanks for sharing these resources. A few things to work on for next year! Great job Spendesk team!
@joeei Happy to share! Thanks for the kind feedback.
Clean and simple landing page, too! 👌💯
@devinrajaram Thank you! @laurent_ndg & @marie_brochier are responsible for it 😎
Just downloaded this one and it is full of gems, WOW! Loved "The Ultimate SaaS Churn Rate" spreadsheet in it!
@yam_regev Thanks Yam. That's a Chartmogul special ;)
Thanks @mrwhatman! @yam_regev -- we have a handful of other cheat sheets: credit to my colleague @mr_ed