The End of Jobs

Money, meaning and freedom without the 9-to-5

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Andrew LynchHunter@andrewglynch
From the back cover: "The rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth: money, meaning and freedom. Those that don’t adapt are becoming trapped in the downward spiral of a dying middle class - working harder and earning less. Entrepreneurs that understand the new paradigm, have created unprecedented wealth in their lives and the lives of those they love." In this book Pearson outlines 3 things: - Why traditional jobs are disappearing (technology, basically) - The people who are benefitting from this change (entrepreneurs and freelancers) - How to benefit from this change in the job market
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@andrewglynch Thanks for adding the book Andrew! I'm the author. I wrote the book to try and explain to young professionals how the labor market is changing as a result of technology (mostly the internet) and how to adapt. Of course, happy to answer any questions.
Christien@clouvi · Managing Partner of
Great book! It will clear your way of thinking about your job/career. Glad Andrew hunted it. I just assumed it was on here already.
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@clouvi Thanks Christien!
Russ PerryHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
So rad to see Taylor here. The work is outstanding! Congrats man!
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@russperry Thanks Russ!
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@russperry Thank you Russ!
Andrew LynchHunter@andrewglynch
@TaylorPearsonMe if someone was 25 with a thousand dollars and no exceptional skills, and wanted to start a business or start freelancing, where would you recommend they start? What skills should that person learn? Presumably they should start with some sort of apprenticeship like you mention in the book?
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@andrewglynch My first reply (which they wouldn't like) would be what you suggested: get an apprenticeship. Go find someone that is where you would like to be in three to five years and work for them. In terms of skillsets, I think sales & marketing is the skillset of the future, not coding. We can't create any more time and attention and so it's the people who can command that resource that will have the most leverage in the labor market going forward. I meet a LOT of coders in coffee shops who have some version of "I built this cool product, now I need to figure out how to market it." I've never met someone who said "I pre-sold one hundred units of a product but I can't find someone to make it." The latter is a much easier to solve problem.
Victor Bercaru@victorbercaru · Designer
@taylorpearsonme @andrewglynch "I've never met someone who said "I pre-sold one hundred units of a product but I can't find someone to make it."" preach Taylor, preach!!!
Mat Newton@himatthewnewton · Founder, TourismTiger
@taylorpearsonme @andrewglynch Boom! So correct. -- ' I've never met someone who said "I pre-sold one hundred units of a product but I can't find someone to make it." '
Adrijus Guscia@adrijusg · Founder
Great book, esp. if you haven't been exposed to his stuff before.
Taylor PearsonMaker@taylorpearsonme · Author,
@adrijusg Thanks Adrijus!