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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Apparently The Dodo is driving over 1 billion monthly video views. Granted many of these "views" are >3 second Facebook impressions, but still impressive. h/t @anthonyha on TechCrunch. cc @AshleyLaurel and my animal-loving friends
Giuliano GiacagliaΒ β€” MIT
@rrhoover @anthonyha @ashleylaurel What does driving mean? Are they actually directing that much traffic or does that count the views already from FB? Apparently people like to super estimate the number of views...
Greg BarothΒ β€” Founder, Monogram Artists
@giacaglia @rrhoover @anthonyha @ashleylaurel is all their content licensed? or is it just ripped direct video that they post to facebook with their watermark on. Or are people sending in their videos?
Giuliano GiacagliaΒ β€” MIT
@gbaroth @rrhoover @anthonyha @ashleylaurel It just seems to be a place that gathers the content. There are some videos there that don't have the dodo watermark on.
Greg BarothΒ β€” Founder, Monogram Artists
@giacaglia @rrhoover @anthonyha @ashleylaurel Like I get that cute animal videos do very well on facebook and get shared in tremendous numbers, but as someone that makes a living helping to CREATE original content, I hate the current media model of the sites taking videos, uploading them direct on fb, growing massive pages, and then only sometimes crediting the content creator AFTER with a first comment post.
Elliot RonenΒ β€” Product Lead at Marvel
How is Buzzfeed not Buzzfeed for animal videos?
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