The DJ

A Black Mirror inspired app that rewards long relationships.

The DJ is a Black Mirror inspired dating app that incentivizes and rewards long-lasting relationships instead of short and meaningless ones.

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Why the name DJ, @qberty1337?
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@rrhoover Well, according to the episode itself I could've named it the "Coach" but aside from that name not actually fitting well here, it also isn't really a good representation of what the AI actually does. Instead of trying to shape and change the user like a coach would, it let's you slowly tell it what exactly you want from your perfect match. The system acts more like a "DJ" in terms of eventually giving you the track (match) that fits your subjective requirement. Also I thought it was clever :)
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@qberty1337 @rrhoover to clarify what Stephen is saying, the app is inspired by a black mirror episode titled “Hang the DJ”
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Hey PH! With the DJ I wanted to see how far I could push the concept of expiring relationships by applying them to conversations specifically (I'm also the guy that made the other black mirror app: rateME). Users are rewarded for taking their time to talk to their match as the longer they talk to them, the more that is revealed to them. I use AI to help the DJ in making decisions based on how the conversation goes. All messages are encrypted and analyzed client side as far as privacy and security goes. It's in a fully functional beta release as I'd like for the DJ to learn by example. Let me know what you think!
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@qberty1337 are you planning on making this for iOS?
@amrith I shall! Waiting to grab an apple developer account and submit it.
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You made a really good product here!