The Design Genome Project by InVision

Explore the DNA of the world’s best product design teams

#3 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2018

To create The Design Genome Project, our Design Education team interviewed dozens of companies and design leaders to discover what sets the best digital product design teams apart.

Our first featured companies in the Genome include Netflix, Slack, Shopify, Capital One, and Pinterest—with many more to come.

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The Design Genome Project has been almost a year in the making, and today we’re excited to share it with you. There’s something special about certain product teams — a superpower enabling them to create great experiences that captivate the world. Join us for a "behind the screens" look at the processes, tool stacks, unique philosophies, and more that enable these extraordinary teams to create the digital products that shape the world around us. Explore it here — we'd love to hear your thoughts! P.S. A special thanks to all the companies and design leaders who have participated in this project so far. Your spirit of collaboration elevates design everywhere. P.S.S Interested in sharing what makes your team special with the world? You can nominate your team for an upcoming Design Genome profile here!
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@clarkvalberg Is there a way to read it without giving my personal information and email?
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Didn't find useful for something that's called a "... Genome Project". I was expecting more granular details of internal processes, but all I found was process-oriented info.
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Would be much better to see a variety of companies instead of just the largest tech ones. Most of us work in smaller orgs and to get more perspective from them. Almost all of these other companies are constantly featured in their design thinking yet they represent a much smaller side of the kind of constructs that many of us have to daily operate in.
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Am I the only one that's ready for InVision to shut up already and go work on the quality and reliability of the tools that got them here?
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