The Complete MAUS

Pulitzer prize-winning Holocaust survivor story

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Recommended by Mark Suster during his LIVE chat. Mark commented, "Everybody should read the two-part graphic novel Maus by Spiegelman. It's the true story of the author's journey with his father through post-war, concentration camp angst for a Jewish family. It's unbelievably powerful and moving." For more book recommendations from Mark and his full chat, head to:
Great great book!
I love this book. I read it a few years ago, and it started for me a loooong journey (which is still far from complete) in trying to understand the pain and suffering that countless people have undergone throughout the history of human civilisation because of the actions of cruel and ignorant people. I can't recommend this book enough.
Read them as a kid, amazing work.
Read it as part of school this year and it's one of the only school-assigned books I've ever read that have really changed the way I look at people - especially while reading about the interactions between Art and Vladek. Amazing book.