The Complete iOS7 Course

Learn by Building 14 iPhone Apps



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Ankur NagpalΒ β€” Founder, Teachable
Arguably the highest quality online course I've ever seen on programming. John and Eliot have recorded over 300 lectures walking you through the creation of 14 different iOS applications from scratch, culminating in a Tinder clone.

The course has sold over 20,000 copies to date - but in light of their upcoming Swift course launch, it is completely free for the Product Hunt community.

Let's see if we can get @nicholjs and @EliotArntz to answer any of your questions.

Disclaimer: My product Fedora ( powers the technology for the teachers.
Eliot ArntzΒ β€” Cofounder
@ankurnagpal thanks for posting this!
@eliotarntz great stuff Eliot. People need a light-weight solution like this, good luck :)
Nikhil Basu TrivediΒ β€” Principal, Shasta Ventures
@eliotarntz awesome of you guys to give this away for free to the PH community. thank you so much.
Eliot ArntzΒ β€” Cofounder
@nbt I'm glad you are enjoying it!
Muhammad GoharΒ β€” Entrepreneur. Speaker. Founder
@ankurnagpal Great Stuff
Wesley MagnessΒ β€” Designer / Developer
Really happy to see this on ProductHunt! Great use of developer tools like Git and Mixpanel as well... I'm definitely going to try it out when I have time ^_^

Also, solid use of the FlatUI kit
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