The new Doc Gallery is a place for makers to find and share tools, musings, templates, tiny apps, interactive handbooks, and anything else you can build in Coda.
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Excited to launch the new Doc Gallery! A few weeks ago, we launched Publishing ーthe ability to transform any Coda doc into a sleek, interactive website you can share with the world. Since then we've seen thousands of published docs from our community. Now we're unveiling a new home for these docs: A totally rebuilt Doc Gallery where makers can explore—and share—everything from handbooks to calculators to workout apps. Read more in our blog "post". ✍️ Self-publish with instant gratification. 🔍 Discover a world of interactive docs. 📚 Create and curate your own doc collection by sharing docs from other makers alongside your own. I feel inspired watching the shape of a new publishing platform, similar to how we felt in the early days of YouTube. The docs that have already been published are an awesome mix of insightful, helpful, and fun. Some of my favorites are Reid's guide to Blitzscaling, Yuhki's inside look at how Figma ships product, Rahul's playbook on how Superhuman found product market fit, Claire's method for Stripe's unique (remote-friendly) offsites, Jenny's handbook for impactful 1-on-1s at Square, and Des's recipe to take control of your time. The last couple years, we've watched this community of makers create things we never imagined with Coda. The new Doc Gallery brings it all together. I can't wait to see what you Coda. Shishir
@shishirmehrotra Congrats! Not every day one gets to experience a new publishing platform from the folks that brought us YouTube. And, some of those Coda docs from celebrities are :fire:.
Love this launch! I had written a post about software quality, with some pictures and hand drawn charts. Getting my point across was difficult. To use my framework, leaders had to translate that into tools of their choice, or pull data from Jira, put it into a spreadsheet and analyze it. Coda publishing allows me to create a live doc, that anyone can connect to their own data in seconds, and actually **see** what the post is talking about. It's narrative, data, and visualization, all in one place. I am very excited to see and use all the other cool docs that the coda community is creating!
This launch really helps to bring the apps as docs story home. If you're gonna have docs as apps, you're going to need an App Store and that's exactly what the Doc Gallery feels like. Congrats to the Coda team and thanks to all the makers for sharing their wisdom! I especially like @yuhki 's launch tracker: I usually run the other way when I see a Launch Cal, but this whole doc is great.
Congrats to the team! I've been using Coda for a while now, both at Uber (see Yixin's template: and at Figma (see ours: I've always loved the product, but it's so exciting now to see how others are using it -- and I'm looking forward to stealing all the best parts!
This is perfect timing for our current WFH climate! I really enjoy seeing what everyone is publishing up until now via twitter or here on PH. The Coda Doc Gallery will not only allow Makers to show off their docs it will also inspire others to create an amazing doc! One of my favorite docs is a food tracker made by @kenny_mendes ~ which is has definitely cut my food waste down considerably and my wife and I use it for our shopping list and since it’s just like an app I get all the updates in real time. I cannot wait to see what all the Makers in the Coda Community create & publish!