The Climb

Rock climbing in VR

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Steven W@mrwongsteven · Nice guys finish lunch.
Wow this looks amazing. Great find @rawrsoft
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
This is a great example of both what’s awesome and yet also uncanny valley about the near future of VR.
Jason Hitchcock@jasonhitchcock · Problem Solver @ Bebo
@thetylerhayes fancy seeing you here.
Jason Hitchcock@jasonhitchcock · Problem Solver @ Bebo
VR is going to create a liquidity of game formats and user experiences. This is an excellent demonstration of that.
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@jasonhitchcock Can you unpack that? What do you mean?
Jason Hitchcock@jasonhitchcock · Problem Solver @ Bebo
@thetylerhayes @jasonhitchcock game mechanics are constrained by human/computer interaction models. We've been playing games in a world of flat rectangles up until now. Everything we've ever imagined about video games is stuck in a 2D flat screen. When I said a liquidity of game formats, the subtext is that we have a scarcity of formats given the form factor constraints of a flat screen and a controller: staring at a screen in front of you, staring down at a screen. VR expands the creative space by radically changing the gaming formfactor in way the makes more valid human/computer interaction models possible. Put another way OLD: flat screen NEW: holodeck
Jurica Saponja @jurica87@jurica87 · CEO
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :)
Barry Enderwick@kaizenbarry · Brand Marketing & Communications, MZ
Looks pretty amazing though I do find it funny that it was developed with the aptly named Cry Engine. VR & AR are going completely redefine what UX means and what a UI is.