Riti Naik
Riti Naik reviewedThe Buttermilk Company 2.0Make fresh Indian food in 5 minutes.

Ease of cooking, storage, authentic taste, no preservatives


Sodium content

Buttermilk is an life-saver for the average working young professional. I recently pulled the Chana Masala packet out of the freezer, having had traveled a ton recently with nothing to eat at home, and was delighted by the authentic Indian taste and fresh taste even after having frozen the product! Loving the new pack options and cannot wait to try them! My only con with the product, as a fitness and health nut, is the mid to high sodium content. This doesn't bother me much as the food is SO YUMMY, but would love to see Buttermilk launch some more "health" conscious options for people like me who may be watching their sodium levels!

Riti Naik has used this product for one month.