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Patrick WhatmanMaker@mrwhatman · Content Marketer @Mention
Hi everyone! So happy to share The Brand Grader! We worked very hard to make a free tool to give anyone a quick snapshot of a brand's presence online. In a couple of seconds, you're able to see their: - Influencers online - Top sources for their mentions - Their overall brand sentiment - Volume of mentions - Where in the world these mentions come from - Their following on the main social platforms It's still a work in progress, but we're super excited to have this V1 ready to play with. Please try it out, search for your business (or one you love), and let us know what you think of the results and how you would use it. What other metrics would you like to see? So what do you think?!
Joei ChanMaker@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@mrwhatman super proud to be part of this exciting project! We built the Brand Grader for everybody - marketers, C-level execs, sales reps, or any curious minds. Use it to find out what’s working and what needs to be improved for your own brand, or find out more about your competitors’ online presence. We'll be here all day answering everbody's questions, so please fire away!
RaminHiring@ramin · marketing,
@mrwhatman Awesome tool, thanks for this!
Joei ChanMaker@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@ramin thanks for trying it out Ramin! Let us know if you want to see it improved in any specific way that will help you evaluate brand presence online more effectively.
Matthieu GauthierMaker@matthgauth · Head of Marketing, Mention
@mrwhatman @ramin thanks for your comment! According to you, what should improve, add?
Niraj Ranjan Rout@nirajr · Founder @ Hiver
@mrwhatman Great job guys! I just tested it out, loved the design and the ease-of-setup. Definitely going to keep an eye on this one.
riad djabriMaker@riad_djabri
I want to say thank you to all my team who did an amazing job on this project . Had so much fun building it ! don't hesitate to leave your feedback to improve it for the V2 . Test it ! Share It ! Love it ! :D
Matthieu GauthierMaker@matthgauth · Head of Marketing, Mention
@riad_djabri @mrwhatman @joeei @amonndesign Congrats guys. Super amazing project, hope people will like it. Also super excited to finally launch it on ProducHunt today :). LEt's hear feedback to always improve it in the future.
Joei ChanMaker@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@riad_djabri thank you riad for turning it from a cool idea to an actual thing that can help and be used by everybody!
Emmanuel Cabane@emcbn · Marketing Creative @ Perplexe Studios
An excellent way to monitor and check your online reputation, it reminds me of a few graders I used before but in a smoother way. Waiting to see how it evolves!
Joei ChanMaker@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@emcbn Hey Emmanuel! thanks so much for trying it out! Any constructive criticism for us? ;)
Matthieu GauthierMaker@matthgauth · Head of Marketing, Mention
@emcbn which one did you have in mind?
Ty MagninHiring@tymagnin · Dir of Marketing at Appcues
Smart tool. Was interesting to see the results for ... definitely a good high-level tease of the value Mention provides.
Joei ChanMaker@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@tymagnin Thank you so much for testing it! Let us know how you'd use the insights in your marketing strategy!
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
Congrats! This gives you such a great snapshot for performing a quick brand audit or competitive analysis! 🙌
Matthieu GauthierMaker@matthgauth · Head of Marketing, Mention
@thatbberg thanks so much for your feedback. Anything we should add in the grader?
Patrick WhatmanMaker@mrwhatman · Content Marketer @Mention
@thatbberg Thank you kindly!