The Book of Collaboration

A book about bringing harmony to the design-to-dev process

With this eBook, you'll find the frustrations and set-backs that occur during the design-to-development process highlighted and challenged with forward thinking solutions. Explore new ways to get cross-functional teams on the same page, every step of the way.
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Naomi FrancisContent Marketing @ Marvel
As designers, developers and product makers, we know that there are a series of pain points that pop up during the design to development process. Things like competition, compromise and inconsistency come into the mix...but a change in mindset and change in approach can help resolve this! We created this eBook for teams to learn how to remove common frustrations from the design to development process. This book should help bring teams together in understanding where these issues come from and how to avoid them. Enjoy!
Making and Letter 💌
@naomi_francis1 nice one tackling the people aspects! can have the best stuff but if you can't work together what's the point in life
Congrats for publishing on the subject !
👏 congratulations on the launch, guys
Burak ÖzkösemDigital Health, PhD in Fertility
Great idea! congratulations
morramaIndustrial Design
Nice work, will share with the team.