The Best Product Launches of 2017 is an eBook from the Product Hunt team, walking you through 400+ of the most upvoted products from 2017. Learn from the best. 🚀

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Hi Product Hunters 👋 Excited to share one of the things the Product Hunt team has been working on over the past few months! In our latest ebook, The Best Product Launches of 2017, you'll find more than 400 of the most-upvoted products by the Product Hunt community every day throughout 2017. We also included three honorable mention products each month—they didn’t quite make the top spot on their respective launch days, but they were big hits on Product Hunt nonetheless. And of course, a book about the best 2017 products wouldn't be complete without our list of Golden Kitty Award winners from this past year. This book is over 170 pages, with featured products, community quotes, and links so you can find your favorite products quickly. Thank you to everyone on the team who worked on this project: @rahulmfg, @rrhoover, @ems_hodge, and @nickabouzeid. A very special shout-out goes to @sethbwilliams for his amazing design work on this book. If you have ✨any✨ feedback let us know in the comments or review section!
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Some kitty love! Thanks for the mention, PH 😻
Thanks for including us—you 👩‍🎤 🎸 ♫♩♫
This is an amazing work! Kudos to everyone involved! I checked the PDF, and I would really love to see this book in print format! 😻
Glad to see our project in this book.😍 Great work PH!
Wow. It's like the 2017 tech yearbook. In 20 years I'll pull it off the shelf in similar interest - Oh wow, remember HQ Trivia?! They really went on to make something of themselves - Look at that... Blockchain ICOs. Whatever happened to them? - Oh, you didn't hear? Got a face tattoo and did some time at Rikers. Nobody talks to them anymore.
Well done team on all your hard work this is such an inspiring and insightful collection 😸 👏🏽👏🏽