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We just published “The Beginner’s Guide to Faster Websites” - a free tutorial and ebook. 25% of users abandon a website if it takes more than four little seconds to load! Our free guide will help you to keep the visitors you worked so hard to attract. What you will learn: - Measure your website's performance - Deliver better images faster - Reduce HTTP requests - Deliver files faster - Optimize CSS and JavaScript - and much more You can either read the extensive online tutorial or download the free 60-page ebook including a helpful cheat sheet. We also prepared a handy Trello checklist for you to keep track of all the things to do.
Thanks for doing this! Excited to try it out
@kevinguebert You're very welcome, Kevin! Enjoy the tutorial & book!
Thank you so much for creating this! Such an important topic. Sites deserve to be fast.
@levibostian Great to hear you like it! Have fun!
Fantastic, a great read for any developer!
@braunshizzle Thanks, Braunson! Happy to hear you like it!
Very timely for my side project. Thanks!