The BAMF Content Machine

20+ Content Growth Hacks (Now included in THE BAMF BIBLE)

After writing 2 of the top 10 books on Product Hunt, I wanted to come out with another hit.

This book contains the step by step to breaking the internet with content marketing.

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🔥 @joshuafechter, @houstongolden, and BAMF is absolutely dominating Linkedin. 🔥 I can't wait to read this and install their Chrome Extension. Recently I have been getting great reach on Linkedin because I implemented their way of writing captivating stories. Keep it coming guys 💪😎
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@houstongolden @doefler that's epic to hear :)
@joshuafechter @houstongolden @doefler First time I opened saw this . Seems that Ublock blocked Messenger login button.
@stefan_smiljkovic worked great for me 😝 Unblock and click send to messenger 👌
@doefler hehe, i believe it worked great for you, but for some reason it didn't for me. Just sharing for others, if experience same, disable ad blocker.
@doefler @stefan_smiljkovic thank you for notice, I will see what I can do
Thanks for sharing THE BAMF CONTENT MACHINE, @_jacksmith! Since writing two of the top ten books on Product Hunter, I wanted to take it one step further. This last year I went from an unknown content creator to amassing close to 200 million views in six months. This is a compilation of the best content growth hacks I used to make it happen. It's received excellent early feedback from many people we respect, and we hope you'll check it out. #Letsbreaktheinternet
It's really amazing that you put this kind of content out for FREE instead of selling it. Amazing job as always, Josh. Congratulations on the launch!
@juannikin Thanks man. Much love.

According to BuzzFeed, Josh basically invented broetry. He has inspired countless individuals & created a strong community who provide value to each other everyday! Thank you 😊


Hundreds of examples explained step by step - backed up with data



Josh has inspired countless individuals (including myself) to write more — specifically to share their unique story and show vulnerability in their posts. This e-book removes the guessing work, and teaches you HOW he does it. Very valuable.


Josh's results speaks for itself. This book shows you his methodical approach, step by step.