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Thanks for sharing THE BAMF BIBLE, @_jacksmith! Hey everyone, I have spent the last couple of years creating one of the largest growth hacking communities, Badass Marketers & Founders (15,000+ members). This is a compilation of the best growth hacks from the hundreds we ran - all of which still work today. This is the complete recipe book of growth hacks (300+ pages of how-to tactics) The book is broken down into these growth hacking sections: -Facebook -Affiliate and referral -Events -LinkedIn -Quora -Backlinks -Instagram -Cold Email -Twitter -YouTube -Product Hunt -Software -Content Marketing -Growth Hacking Tools It's received excellent early feedback from many people we respect, and we hope you'll check it out.
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@_jacksmith @joshuafechter I've learned a ton from the BAMF group and from @juannikin as he is leading our growth for BotList. I can't endorse this BAMF Bible enough! Thanks for putting it together @joshuafechter!
Thanks @sethlouey! I appreciate the kind words
@_jacksmith @joshuafechter Awesome! Congrats with the double mention @gillesdc
@_jacksmith @joshuafechter hello, this book looks pretty awesome (including it as part of tomorrow's newsletter), and... there a bunch of useful stuff in the PH section, nicely done. That said, there are a handful of things that are directly contradictory to what we just recommended as things NOT to do in our official guide: https://blog.producthunt.com/how... (and I'm not talking about the all the getting around asking for upvotes stuff) 1) Do not spam people, so a section called "Flood Twitter" is not the best use of time 2) We specifically call out Thunderclap as being notoriously ineffective in the guide 3) "Get on the radar of people who upvoted similar products" please don't do that. I assure you it does not lead them to check out your product, let alone upvote it, and especially when implemented via autotweeting off a spreadsheet (doooo notttt dooo that) it is harmful to the community and is the definition of spamming. (instead, reach out to specific people, manually, who may be interested, if you have a specific reason why, i.e. like a personalized cold email or tweet). Making it personal is what actually matters. 4) You make a really big deal out of "finding a hunter" – in our guide we address multiple times why it really doesn't matter who hunts you (tip: hunt your own product) 5) I really wish you would remove from the book any mention of auto tweeting off a spreadsheet, we see these all day, the community sees them too, they are not effective and are the definition of spamming people. I assure you, this is harmful for your actual launch. --- Otherwise, nice work! looking forward to learning from the other sections of the guide 🙌 ---- UPDATE: Within ~3 hours (and starting around midnight) @houstongolden and @joshuafechter incorporated all of the above. Really appreciate it, and incredible turnaround time. The book includes a lot of great tips (especially from the maker perspective) for launching on Product Hunt. This, along with the guide that we published, are all the tips you need for launching on Product Hunt. 🙌 Looking forward to reading the rest of the THE BAMF BIBLE 💯
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@_jacksmith @nivo0o0 we'll remove all of this now :)
Well Josh, and the whole team has change our life! We have been learning from all the different hacks and marketing technics. This new ebook, will really change how internet works. Josh is teaching all of us a lesson every day! Thanks Josh for doing it again!
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Great job josh! This is so valuable!
@gerardcomptedur thank you :) this means a lot!

I used Josh's viral Linkedin post formula for a client. We published 3 posts in 3 weeks that got a total of 93,581 views. One of those posts got 71,000+ views, and led to 50 new connect requests from people who fit my client's target audience and several sales conversations! Bingo!


The practical content inside this book works if you apply it


I need a team to implement all the tactics! So many options, so little time :)

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congrats on the launch, @joshuafechter!
@ryanckulp thank you :) Learned from the master
Hell yes. This is epic. Well done mate .
@gabrielmachuret appreciate it!