The Baking Supply Co.

Healthy recipe kits for cannabis infusion

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We started the Baking Supply Co. to offer people a healthier way to consume cannabis. All the ingredients in our recipe kits are designed to nourish mind and body. When I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago, I went through some major dietary changes. Yes, they were super hard! But by reducing the inflammatory foods in my diet, I realized how much better I could feel—while still eating delicious food. Not to mention, ladies, cannabis is your best friend ;) When I went looking for edibles, I found that most on the market were super unhealthy—full of sugar, white flour, and ingredients devoid of anything good for you. In an age where we’re so hyperaware of the way food and diet affects our wellbeing, we wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy—whether, like me, it’s to treat an illness naturally, or just for fun!
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Whole new meaning to "eat your greens".
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Green Apron
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Some friends just launched this meal-kit product yesterday on IndieGoGo - it's gluten free, with a strong focus on healthy and sustainable ingredients.  The recipes are designed to taste great with herbal butters, so given the sweeping Marijuana legalization across the US and North America this feels like amazing timing.
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I won't ask the question. "When does this come to the UK?" for obvious reasons.