The Alliance

Reid Hoffman's latest book.

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is a book a new Product for PH'ers ? not sure....
What is the stance on physical products here? Feels like this could open up Pandora's Box.
@AndyTheGiant I agree and I'm not a fan of books being placed here, the whole thing will crash if all business/startup/entrepreneur books were placed on PH. + does Reid Hoffman really need the publicity help - NO.
@djsenior13 books are products and this is certainly on topic with the community. Traction is one of the more recent books added and it received over 400 upvotes. Product are intentionally vaguely defined on PH (small weekend projects can get as much love as giant, formal launches) and ultimately if we design this well, submissions that shouldn't be on PH will simply fall off the homepage.
@rrhoover fair enough, you are the police on this not me. I'm not here looking for books by billionaires but innovative technology and cool ideas by cool people and businesses.
@rrhoover ps. And yes, I have read The Start Up of You
@rrhoover I think one of the reasons that Traction and similar books perform so well on Product Hunt is that it resonates with the audience and the authors join the discussion to engage the community; as we also see here.
As one of the co-authors, big thanks to whomever added this to the list. While not a "product" in the traditional sense, we do think it can be a big part of any manager or leader's toolkit. When you treat your employees like allies, everyone wins.
@chrisyeh great to have you join the discussion Chris :) how has the book launch gone compared to your expectations?
@_jacksmith We were so busy in the weeks leading up to the launch that I don't think we had time to form expectations! The most pleasant surprise has been the warm reception from established thought leaders in the talent management space. The most unpleasant surprise has been the number of book reviewers who used the occasion of their review to attack either Silicon Valley or modern capitalism (or both). As a whole, I'm very happy with the results.