The AI-first SaaS Funding Napkin

What does it take to raise as an AI-first SaaS startup?

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A back-of-a-napkin answer to the question: What does it take to raise a seed round as an AI-first SaaS startup?

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Louis Coppey
Louis CoppeyMaker@louicop
Thanks @chrija for the hunt 🚀! At Point Nine, we have been focused on investing in SaaS companies and have been fortunate to work with several generations of successful businesses in this segment over the years. Since joining the firm 24 months ago, I’ve spent a significant share of my time looking at SaaS companies using machine learning to change industries. We’re now at a turning point when it comes to the use of AI in B2B applications. I published this post: to that effect 18 months ago and I thought it was time to dive deeper into the topic with the benefit of hindsight and data. To that end, I’ve attempted to consolidate our thoughts on investing in AI-first SaaS businesses by creating a customary Point Nine napkin! Why? Because this is the format we typically use at Point Nine to consolidate our thoughts (see our SaaS and Marketplace funding napkin here and there) ;) Let me know what you think! I need your help to get from the v0.9 to the v1 🙏
Harry Strick
Harry Strick@harrystrick
@chrija @louicop I love these, thanks for the update!
Jacob Claerhout
Jacob Claerhout@jacobclaerhout · Engineer, Techie, Bibliophile, Art Fan
@louicop super interesting read.
Vartika@vartikamanasvi · Founder, Stackraft
Love this!
Benjamin Libor
Benjamin Libor@bnjmnlbr · Building products, writing stories
Cool stuff!
Ayham Gorani
Ayham Gorani@ayham_ghorani · Founder, AlphaApps, Creating Great Apps
@louicop Thank you for this! Amusing idea, yet useful. (Y)