The 7 Second Diet

The meal tracking app that takes seconds a day

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I used to count calories and got pretty good at keeping track of it in my head, hitting my goal each day. I've gotten a little lazier but roughly stick to plan with some exceptions on the weekend. The Apple Watch addition is nice but I'm still unsure if most people will go through the effort of entering every meal and snack because once you miss one for the day, it breaks.
@rrhoover I should also mention that the next major feature I will be adding to this app is reminders. You'll be able to (optionally) configure notifications at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to remind you to enter your meal.
A quick, sensible way to track our eating habits in just a few taps ( for those of us who wouldn't do it otherwise)
@bentossell, my use-case is someone who generally knows healthy food but needs an additional motivator to make healthy choices and doesn't want to spend the time required to make calorie counting work. (As Ryan noted, with Calorie Counting, if you miss a meal the whole system doesn't work.) The psychological threat of having to click on that "bad" button if you have seconds at dinner, will encourage you to make healthier choices. Calorie counting uses the same approach. However, as I've mentioned, calorie counting takes more time... (Although, I shouldn't praise my competition here, calorie counting approaches do work well for people who don't know which foods are healthy since it provides them with an exact measure.)
I find trying to keep track of things like this a pain in the ass... I'm more the 4-hour-body type guy... has it got sugar/dairy in it? > Yes? = don't eat it. Disclaimer: since being in SF I have abandoned the 4HB... will be returning to it when I get back to the UK. (well needed) I know that a lot of people like keeping track and when I used to be a swimmer we were supposed to keep a log of everything so something like this would've been useful for me back then :) @AaronBlock what is your use-case here?
@rrhoover, you're right calorie counting breaks if you don't enter it every day. With this app, it's more about impressions of meals. So, if you miss a meal it just shows up as gray in the history. Yeah, you loose that history but it doesn't throw off a precise calorie counter. (Of course it's better to record everything, but that just keeps you more honest)