What's Inside this Book:

• Insights into the mechanism behind all major 3D printing technologies

• An understanding of the benefits and limitations of each technology

• Decision making tools for technology selection

• Actionable design advice and guidelines

• Industry case studies from world-leading brands

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Thanks @bramk for hunting us, we’re excited to be back on the Product Hunt! In 2013 I started 3D Hubs with co-founder Bram to distribute manufacturing with 3D printing. Since then we’ve managed to make over 1.2 million 3D printed parts. Through this journey we saw thousands of failed prints, plastic spaghetti messes and missed opportunities due to a lack of education about 3D printing. As a platform we learned (the hard way) what it takes to make good 3D Prints. Early last year I worked with two other members of the 3D Hubs team to turn all this knowledge into an easy to comprehend visual book, to help engineers and designers master all 3D printing technologies. If you’ve ever wondered how to design 3D printed parts, how the various technology works and how it’s being applied this book will help. Let us know what you think, we’ll be here to answer any questions! Brian Garret www.3DHubs.com
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@bramk @briangarret This looks great. I will suggest this to my friend. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you. https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
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A must-have for any maker.
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@joshuapinter Thanks, happy you like it!
We bought it for work -- really cool book! 10/10
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@maccosmo Awesome, let me know if we can help out with any additional training for the company.
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