A machine learning analysis of 186M+ visits and 19M+ conversions on 34K+ landing pages to help your campaigns convert better. In our free report, find out what makes a good conversion rate across 16 different industries, including SaaS, ecommerce, and more.
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Full disclosure — I work for Unbounce. The idea for this study is the result of our customers asking one question over and over again: 'what's a good conversion rate?' And unfortunately, until today the answer has been 'well, it depends'. Today, we have a data-backed answer to that question (which is pretty cool) based on our analysis of 186 million visitors to 34,000 landing pages. Most importantly, I think you'll be able to make really good use of these benchmarks — in your conversations with your team, your manager, when you're setting quarterly targets, asking for budgets etc. It's bookmark worthy for sure. Give it a read and let us know what you think🙏
@sarahagoods I get asked this almost daily in my new product work, so until now I usually pointed my clients to your 2017 benchmark report :)
@davidjbland That's great to hear! Yes, I should have mentioned our 2017 report. But certainly nice to have some recent benchmarks to refer to now!
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I always knew copywriting is king - based on my own 10+ yrs of doing conversion optimization. But man it's good to get some hard, quantifiable data on this stuff. And many other great insights I never thought about.
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Oli, Co-Founder of Unbounce, the leading landing page platform. Beyond excited to be launching Unbounce’s new 2020 Conversion Benchmark Report today after months of analysis and production, conducted by our proprietary machine learning model and some very smart, amazing humans! 🚀 With marketing budgets being tighter than usual and businesses dealing with challenges they couldn’t have predicted, every industry needs as much help as possible. So when it comes to conversion rates, it’s not easy to know numerically what success looks like. That’s where our new industry benchmarks come in—you’ll be able to see how your landing pages are stacking up against the baseline in your industry (and others). This free conversion benchmark data is full of AI-powered insights from a study conducted that included over 34,000 landing pages. Our goal? To answer a big question for you: “What’s a good, bad, or meh conversion rate?” Our data team created a formidable machine learning algorithm to bring you: 🏢 Median conversion rates for landing pages broken down to 16 key industries. 🧠 Sentiment analysis showing which emotions in a piece of copy correlate with better conversion rates. 🗣 Best reading ease level for your copy, depending on your industry. 📝 Indications of the optimal word count for your landing pages in order to convert better. Download the report to learn why these metrics matter and see how you can apply the learnings to your own campaigns: https://bit.ly/3etjp7i Got questions or feedback? Love what you’re seeing? Let’s chat in the comments below— I (and a whole crew of Unbouncer’s) are available to answer any thoughts you might have. I’m excited to hear what you think.👇 Happy reading! Oli
The insights are unparalleled in the way they illustrate what "good" actually looks like and what you can do to help you get there.
Super excited we’re able to finally share this new and improved Conversion Benchmark Report! Given how marketers need to adapt now more than ever, I’m glad to be part of something that can still be helpful for the marketing community. Congrats to the rest of the Unbounce team and here’s to wishing everyone many more conversions!