The 1099 Workforce Report

First major study on the on-demand workforce

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Jeff Morris Jr.HunterHiring@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
My teammates @StartupRequests came out with the first major study on the 1099 Economy workforce, with a pay what you want deal exclusively for Product Hunters. The data paints a vivid picture of what the labor landscape looks like for 1000+ respondents of their survey, and the team also presents some fascinating insights. The report is useful for all interested in the future of work and related problems/opportunities - including investors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers themselves. The report includes: - Key findings & insights from a survey of over 1,000+ independent contractors in the 1099 economy - Aggregate results of the survey with questions around lifestyle, earnings, sustainability, current needs, and future plans - Over 20 interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and workers on the forefront of the 1099 movement, including leading venture capital firms and CEOs - A list of 100+ 1099/on-demand/sharing economy companies
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@jmj Interesting! but maybe explain what a 1099 (Independent Contractors) is, since we're not all Americans ;) This kind of report is interesting, the workforce is really moving towards being super fluid and more and more people are becoming independent contractors.
Jeff Morris Jr.HunterHiring@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
@bramk 1099 employees are freelancers - like Uber drivers and Instacart delivery workers :)
Erik Dungan@callmeed · Engineer @ Indeed
@jmj This is really cool ... is it possible to get some of the raw data? I'm taking a statistics class and would love to use it for a project.
Jeff Morris Jr.HunterHiring@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
@callmeed You should reach out the project authors. Think it will be tough as most of the data is probably confidential. Good luck!