Thatday saves and reminds any events that occur in couple's life (first kiss, a cool move they watched, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on). It also gives hints on where to go in their city, offers local events, and gives tips on how to surprise beloved ones.
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Hi everyone! We are so happy to be launching Thatday on Product Hunt! We would like to express our gratitude to @chrismessina for hunting us! Thank you, Chris! Thatday is the App, that collects dates of important events (marriage, first met, etc.), reminds about upcoming noteworthy dates, and suggests different services (romantic evening, air balloon trip, or something cute from Amazon, etc). 😩 Researches show that dates of events are the hardest to remember for both men and women. 🎈Many people struggle while finding the idea for the date, that will surprise the soulmate… 🕦…Even when they find the idea, they do not have enough time to make it happen And here comes our App with the solution! Thatday helps to remember the most important dates. And if today is a really important day, our App will help to organize an unforgettable celebration. For ProductHunt users we give a permanent premium account for free! Enjoy! 😇🐹 Check this out! To activate premium, go to settings in Thatday App -> report about a problem -> write text “Product Hunt”. And don’t forget to leave your feedback! 💕 P.S.: We are seeking investments to test channels, and finally to be acquired by a big dating service.💸 Why dating? Because it is a logical follow-up… When a person meets someone on a dating platform, he or she starts using Thatday. Tinder (@jonrhome , @stabby ), Badoo, Bumble(@isaacsrda ), Clover(@isaacraichyk ), OKCupid, and others, be ready to fight for us 😎 We know how to monetize your inactive users...
Nice interface 👍🏽
Nice, but I‘d love to see more Signup options. FB isn’t the go-to anymore (especially now lol). Just classic email would be great.
@juliubn thank you for trying it out! We are currently working on a new version and we will add email sign in option. We will also add Apple ID sign in option (so you could hide your email if you wish to). For now on, you may choose between Facebook and Vkontakte (VK) social networks to sign in.
Nice app, adds more holidays to your life and reminds you of special moments:)
By the way, why Thatday? 🤔 The history of this product is rather interesting. Many years ago I came back home and met my girlfriend. “Do you remember what day it is today?” - she yelled. “Tuesday”- I answered. She told me that 5 months ago we had met for the first time. For me, it didn’t mean anything. Regular day. But for her ‘our dates’ were important. So I decided to create an App. Of course, we broke up🏌🏿‍♂️💔, but I learned a lesson and created a really useful tool. Over a period of time, I improved my idea. And now you may get a really useful App that sustains romantic life and helps to avoid such situations as I’ve had 📱. Enjoy! ✌️