Simple online notepad, no fancy stuff. Just write.

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Love the simplicity.
@israelobiagba Yeah.. No distractions. Just write.
@israelobiagba If it's 'extreme', it's not simple!
@kaushalvyas010 thanks for the correction :D
@kaushalvyas010 thanks for the correction :D
@israelobiagba looks like a stripped-down copy of https://shrib.com to me...
Hello everyone! I'm Paulo Nunes, and i built TextPad. I built it for personal use, copy/pasting text online, drafting ideas i want to publish, and taking notes when doing research without switching between a text editor and the browser. Hope it's useful for you too, thank you!
@syndicatefx Not sure I'll dismiss my good ol' NotePad++, but let's give it a try ;)
@paulodef I'm with you, but it depends on what you're doing, or need.
@syndicatefx What are the 3 characters at the beginning of the saved file for?  EF BB FF
@geonomad Can you tell me what software you're using to open your .txt file on your computer? Those characters are explained here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/By... I couldn't replicate that on any editors i use, but since TextPad saves file as "text/plain;charset=utf-8", that is the reason you might be seeing those characters at the beginning of your file, based on the wiki link above.
@syndicatefx I am saving the file from Chrome/51.0.2704.103 on W10 and opening with Editpad Pro 5.4.5. You are right it is saving it as a UTF-8 stream instead of plain text. If I convert from UTF-8 to ANSI, they go away. No big deal. My editor was just expecting pure text in the file.
Not bad but looks like Papier with fewer features.. https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@zac_46 I like the idea of not having to install an extension
@paulodef @zac_46 Does it save text, on closing browser and reopening it again ?
@paulodef I agree with you despite we are talking about a 1-min task to do once.
@syndicatefx what are the main differences with Papier?
Is there a way to have minimal margins?
@maxine_kerley_bowen Not sure what you mean by minimal margins. The margins on either side of the text are hard coded in the CSS, and get progressively smaller on smaller window sizes. But there is no way right now for a user to customize those settings.