Create a blog with one text message (seriously)

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Textingway is something we've been having fun with, it creates a blog out of anything you text at it including photos. I'm not sure what people might use it for but I used it this weekend to take photos from Halloween and share them to my neighbor who refuses to use Facebook. It's like an instant liveblog. What do you think?
@boxcardavid re you in the Seattle area? I'm basing that off of the 206 area code.
@bradenhamm Yes, we're all Seattle locals. Have you tried Cali Burger yet? We're all curious how good it is.
@boxcardavid Nope! First I've heard of Cali Burger. Maybe we can all meet up there.
Isn't this exactly what Twitter was at first?
@scottruona No no no... Yes. Haha, it's very similar to how Twitter was back in '07 when most people didn't have smartphones. And no, we will not be adding a Like command anytime soon.
What's the story behind the name?
@meghhv Well, Hemingway was a gun-toting, whiskey-drinking, marlin-fighting kind of man... And we imagine he would have been too stubborn to upgrade from his T9 flip phone to a smart phone, so this would be his publishing platform of choice. To paraphrase, "There is nothing to texting. All you do is sit down at a Motorola Razr and bleed."
Really nice idea - great implementation! Love using the messaging interface in new ways. https://t.co/nk6rsdv0h3
Like this idea a lot. Wish I could feel comfortable texting it from Japan tho -- I'm scared to blow up my phone bill! Hope you continue to run with this and get lots of users to test it out. I'll contribute to the Trello board if I think of anything :)
@playswithfood Japan huh? Okay, we'll add a number there as soon as possible. We've tested texting from other countries (New Zealand) into the US, but pics fail to make it. We can make a localized number for each country and that's kinda been our plan moving forward. If only iMessage or Whatsapp would let us use them...