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Cam Sinclair@cam_sinclair · Marketeer, Ammo Marketing
Hi everyone, just an update on textie's progress since being launched 2 weeks ago. Since being listed on Product Hunt, we've had some pretty intense media coverage, including Comso magazine, New York Post, Daily Mail (UK) and a few TV spots back here in Australia (you can see the list of coverage at textie.strikingly.com). It's fair to say the Product Hunt effect is well and truly to thank as it sparked the first article on DailyDot. We feel the attention and large surge in usage has validated textie.co as a viable product so the team has decided to continue working on the project to see how far we can take it. We're currently looking to hire a full-time developer to build this thing out. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Without the initial traffic from ProductHunt's listing we might have just left textie.co at the end of Startup Weekend. Thank you to the good people at Product Hunt!
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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ha, this reminds me of @laurenleto's Text From Last Night. It feels inauthentic to crowdsource your text message replies but I guess people already do this by asking their friends how to interpret and respond to digital communications all the time. Some of these are entertaining to browser. E.g.: "So how does this thing work... are we dating now?" "What are your thoughts on cats?" "You're cute"
Saxon Druce
@saxondruce · CTO GlassTerra, owner Binary Space
Thanks everyone for your support of Textie! It's been great fun to go from nothing to this response in just a weekend :D
Cam Sinclair
@cam_sinclair · Marketeer, Ammo Marketing
Thanks for the feedback Ryan! The original idea was to help people who find it hard to respond to deep and meaningful messages, sheer stupidity or witty quips. (This has been a struggle since Nokia 5110 bricks were lugged around in school backpacks!) Helpful users can post their suggested responses to an SMS or message and their suggestion can be up or down voted. The best replies will float to the top ready to send. Textie was built in 48 hours during Startup Weekend #6 in Perth, Western Australia. There are still plenty of features the team would love to add, such as email notifications when your message receives responses, displaying the top two responses to each message on the front page and a nicer boost feature.
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
Hah, great! We are actually competing against these guys at Startup Weekend Perth right now. Did amazingly well to get so far in just 54 hours!
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
Can't wait to read a message saying "I've just seen you've posted my message on Textie..." :)