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Adam Cudworth
Adam Cudworth@adamcudworth · iOS @ SwiftKey. Founder @ Ekho.
I think a lot of these invisible (text to book.../whatever...) apps are heading nowhere. That said, I think there is demand for an all-encompassing invisible app such as Magic. The problem with the segmentation we're seeing is: 'Oh, I forgot, who am I meant to text to get my restaurant reservation, my hotel, my flowers, my whatever..'. There are just too many. One centralised (concierge) service doing all of these functions works a lot better IMO.
Josue Gio
Josue GioHunter@josuegio · Breaking.com.mx - Independent news media
@adamcudworth I think that booking a travel services is not like ordering food or flowers. It needs more time to find a hotel or to book a flight and a key point is the inventory and rates you are able to offer.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Another invisible app. I'm not sure this provides a better experience than something like Hotels Tonight which provides reviews, pictures, and other meta data as soon as you open the app.
Josue Gio
Josue GioHunter@josuegio · Breaking.com.mx - Independent news media
It could be interesting when travelers are looking for the same hotel booked frequently.
GSB@gizboz1 · Founder, Connective Contacts
@adamcudworth I second your view...