Text us to book a hotel wherever you want

I think a lot of these invisible (text to book.../whatever...) apps are heading nowhere. That said, I think there is demand for an all-encompassing invisible app such as Magic. The problem with the segmentation we're seeing is: 'Oh, I forgot, who am I meant to text to get my restaurant reservation, my hotel, my flowers, my whatever..'. There are just too many. One centralised (concierge) service doing all of these functions works a lot better IMO.
@adamcudworth I think that booking a travel services is not like ordering food or flowers. It needs more time to find a hotel or to book a flight and a key point is the inventory and rates you are able to offer.
Another invisible app. I'm not sure this provides a better experience than something like Hotels Tonight which provides reviews, pictures, and other meta data as soon as you open the app.
It could be interesting when travelers are looking for the same hotel booked frequently.
@adamcudworth I second your view...