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Textedly is an awesome SMS Marketing platform that enables marketers to build any type of text messaging campaign.

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In 2018, does anyone still use SMS? Most if not all of my contacts are through other communication/collaboration platforms, and would prefer getting the information I care about delivered to my email account. Can I ask what's the problem marketers are seeing that this helps solve?
@warrenparad Thank you for your feedback. SMS marketing is very effective for marketers. Text messages have more open rate (98%) than emails.
@alessia_jordan that stat seems off, do SMS tools really report that correctly? But that aside isn't it common knowledge that open rate/click rate isn't important because they usually don't end up in conversions?
@warrenparad It all depends on the marketing campaign
Gee thanks πŸ™„
@amrith Textedly can be used only for the USA. This is why you are seeing this error.
@amrith @alessia_jordan That aint an error. That's a ban. Saved our upvotes. :)
Great job!!😊 Does this work Asia more specifically in India?
@ayush_chandra Thank you for your feedback 😊 Textedly can be used only for the USA
@alessia_jordan too bad you and your company are shady and change the text number on your customers without telling them!!! Also there is NO customer service!! How do you expect to stay in business longterm doing this? Also I got blocked from you Facebook page for voicing my concerns about how terrible our experience has been.
@alessia_jordan also NO one will get back to us on how your company can fix this problem!