Free point & click text analysis in the browser

No more writing complex Python/R code or mastering various packages to get high-quality information from text.

Some features include POS Tagging, Named Entities, Sentiment Analysis, and over 20+ natural language features. Custom pipelines coming soon.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Overall a great solution for me, as I do not know how to code! Since I have gotten used to running some searches, I just wish there were more granular options.


Used Textalytic for close to a week now. Love the simpleness of creating topic models and custom frequency lists.


More granular features would be nice.

Thanks for the review! More granular options will be a new feature I plan to add relatively soon.
Hello All, I created Textalytic to get others exposed to Text Analysis with no prior programming experience with the goal of making these tools accessible to a wider audience. Textalytic offers a wide range of natural language processing such as Named Entities, POS Tagging, Word Clouds, Topic Modeling, Sentiment Analysis, and other non-common features such as relative clauses, subordinate clauses, etc. The corpus builder allows one to interactively pre-process all of their text in the browser without running various scripts. All of the language features are free. We also offer API access and more granular features for a monthly fee. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks! Jeff
@jeffrey_flynt could you share couple cases how and when to use your tool?
@vladkorobov Yes. The current setup is for users to import documents (pdf/txt) from the cloud or computer and then run an analysis over them. If a user wants to extract named entities, they can select this feature and view the results onscreen and export in csv format. Same for dates, time, and various language features. A user can also perform sentiment analysis & topic modeling over these documents. This kind of workflow is geared toward data scientists, digital humanists, etc. I am in the process of finalizing the custom pipelines so developers or organizations can setup custom language features and expose via API or in the browser. The use cases for these will be uploading a document and generate a timeline of events from entities. Example: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - Jeff responded to Vlad. This timeline would be in a chronological order. Another use case would be selecting language features to monitor social media. Instead of just having to choose from Sentiment Analysis, one could select stylometric features such as user mentioned our company and used this type of grammar (appositional modifier or a copula). More so giving the user fine-grained options to select from. I hope that helps. I am more than happy to expand if need be. Thanks
@jeffrey_flynt Any chance of gettin in on the Premium Upgrade today?
@ryanmersand Yes, I upgraded your account. Let me know if you have any issues. Thanks
Nice ideal this could be very useful
@chari_holman Thanks for the feedback!

I needed to grab entities from text and could not get past trying to learn Scikit Learn or StandordNLP. Textalytic was super simple to get setup. Hopefully they allow custom models sometime in the future.


Named Entities & Topic Modeling!


None so far.

Thanks for the feedback! Custom pipelines are in the works set to be released this summer.
Finally!! There should have been an easier solution