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Nalin Mittal
Nalin MittalMaker@nalin · PM @ Google
Hey guys, @timbjones and I built this project over a couple days while we are waiting for Apple to review our app. We love playing with new apps but really good ones are so hard to find. We decided to build a service to help people discover new apps by delivering one really great iOS (for now) app over SMS everyday. We deliver a GIF preview of the app so you can check it out before heading over to the app store to download. We'll be surfacing apps from a variety of genres including games. Most of the apps will be free but we're not limiting ourselves to that. We are also going to try and partner with a lot of paid apps and bring them to you free for one day via our service. Let us know what you think - we'd love some feedback from the PH community. Thanks!
adam mashaal
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
@timbjones @nalin Very cool idea! Reminds me of a "Product Hunt Lite" feature (wink wink @rrhoover). As an app creator, I am constantly on the app store downloading the latest, so I can relate to the struggle staying on top of what's new. Can't wait to see what apps you guys suggest. On that note - a cool future feature would be to allow recipients to reply with a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down emoji so you can deliver better recommendations (a la Pandora). Congrats guys!
adam mashaal
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
@timbjones @nalin One more question - is it easy to unsubscribe once you are signed up?
Nalin Mittal
Nalin MittalMaker@nalin · PM @ Google
@adammash yup. Just reply with "off" and you'll miss us immediately :) Great suggestion Adam! We're contemplating a variety of interactions via sms like rating & sharing. Also thinking about a leaderboard that awards the most points to the first downloaders.
adam mashaal
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
@nalin i like the leaderboard idea!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
I love this idea! Referring to the question above - it would be awesome if you could be open to non-US phones + promote apps that are in every App Store :)
Tim Jones
Tim JonesMaker@timbjones · Product Growth Manager @ Keepsafe
@bramk If there's interest in the service then we'll definitely build this in!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Another addition to my Invisible Apps collection. We're releasing an update to our Product Hunt iOS app to include push notifications shortly but I've also been itching to build a dead simple app similar to this. It would send a push notification recommending one app a day that's highly upvoted by the community. It's not the most creative app and many have built something similar but combine the community + some cute branding ideas I have, I think it could be a fun and useful app to experience Product Hunt in a new way. Great work, @nalin, and nice use of GIFs as quick demos. 👏
Nalin Mittal
Nalin MittalMaker@nalin · PM @ Google
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Let's chat and see if there is an opp to work together on that. Re:gifs we think they are completely under utilized for marketing. For our new app celebrate were thinking of making gif that tells the story around our app instead of a video. Also we may productize the ability to create a GIF from your AppStore logo and screenshots. Would developers be interested in this? Let us know!
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Hand picked, hand gif-ed and autoshipped! Nice idea :)
Aaron Magness
Aaron Magness@macknuttie · CMO, Betabrand
Love the idea. Would be great to have context around why that app was chosen. Then, I also like the idea of a thumbs up/down so you can build intelligence around it.
@macknuttie +1 on a simple SMS reply to up/down vote. using 👍👎 emojis! with enough data you could have a catalog of apps with good "if you like this app you'll also like these apps" recommendations.