Tettra 2.0

Knowledge sharing system for high-performance teams

Tettra is a knowledge sharing tool for high performance teams. It's different than traditional intranets, wikis, and shared folders because the product is simple to use, smart to help you stay organized, and connected to your other tools. We're helping over 450 different teams grow and thrive together. We'd love to work with your team too.

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Hi Product Hunters ๐Ÿ‘‹ Andy from Tettra here, co-founder & CEO. I'm very proud of the team for building this version of Tettra and am really excited to share it with you all today. When we launched Tettra on Product Hunt almost two years ago as the first wiki for Slack teams, the product was admittedly pretty barebones. Today marks a big step forward with this new version. We've added the ability to get started without having to use Slack, you can now integrate Tettra with your other collaboration tools, and oh - did we mention the product's now free? Some other new features: - Inline Mentions for Github Issues, Google Docs, and more that dynamically update with what's happening in your other systems right in Tettra so you don't have to write documentation twice (let us know what other systems you'd like to see) - A new bot that helps keep your team's knowledge organized and updated - More robust permissions to work with guest users and make your content private or public - Templates to make writing documentation a snap - Combine Templates and our new Zapier integration to automate your documentation There's a ton of other good stuff in this new version, which I could go on-and-on about, but I'll let y'all ask questions on here instead. We'll be on Product Hunt all day to answer them. Thanks for checking us out and for all the support over the years, Product Hunt ๐Ÿ™Œ If you're curious how we're thinking about the future of Tettra and the structure of companies in general, please check out our latest blog post: https://tettra.co/blog/reintrodu...
@andygcook Congrats on the launch. I'm particularly intrigued by the inline mentions of third-party systems (and self-updating that data). That's useful.
@dharmesh Thanks, Dharmesh! We're admittedly very excited about Inline Mentions. Makes writing pages so much faster by eliminating the dozens of screen loads and clicks you need to make to share a simple hyperlink. The dynamic updating is also very useful too because it lets you document your process in a single place to share with your team instead of having to do it in a wiki and a collaboration tool like Github, HubSpot, etc. Speaking of which, hoping to add an integration for the latter soon :)
The best companies do a great job of sharing internal updates and documentation of projects and goals, and messaging products fall way short on this because they are disorganized and there is poor signal to noise ratio. Using an internal wiki is how the best run companies work, and Tettra is the easiest and most agile company wiki I have seen.
@mvolpe Huge thanks, Mike! We really appreciate the kind words, your support, and your advice!

Tettra is solving the communications challenges that have arisen as content became more fluid as well as more distributed between mediums like Slack, EMail, and then what is considered "published and shared" content. Tettra is allowing users to generate such shared content where they work - primarily Slack and email.


A wiki that is easy with actual built in knowledge management and curation


It's an early product but quickly building out features to make using Confluence a thing of the past

Your cons mention that this product is going to make Confluence a thing of the past. What would be your motivation for wanting to move away from Confluence?
True story: At Google, we used to have this internal wiki we built ourselves. I learned the hard way that, with few exceptions, internal tools do NOT get prioritized by internal employees. Then I went to HubSpot and saw how the internal wiki can be both a huge boost and a huge barrier to information sharing. Big fan of Tettra -- simpler than the stuff I've used before. More integrated with tools we already use. Feels built by actual, high quality product designers not people hoping to move elsewhere in their careers. Plus the human beings behind the company are just as high quality ;)
@jayacunzo Having also been at HubSpot we agree with you, Jay. In fact, our experience there was the biggest reason we built Tettra in the first place. Saw the power of sharing knowledge on a high performing, fast-growing team and wanted to make that more accessible to other people. Pop quiz: Do you remember what Google's internal wiki was called?
@andygcook MoMA. I have NO idea what it stood for...
@jayacunzo Apparently no one knows the origin.
Useful for sharing information among a team of co-workers and you do not have to search long minutes or even giving up on finding it, which I did, most of the time. Congrats on the launch.