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Hi ProductHunt - Andy from Tettra here 👋🏾 Happy to answer any questions from anyone. For some backstory, my cofounder Nelson and I came up with the idea for Tettra while working on an internal startup inside of HubSpot Labs. As our team grew, we needed a way to help us onboard new team members and keep everyone moving in the same direction. We started looking for an internal wiki but couldn’t find anything that integrated into our existing workflows or was super easy to use, so we set out to scratch our own itch by building Tettra. After talking to a lot of other teams, we realized we aren't the only ones who needed a better way to organize internal knowledge and share updates. Most people entering the workforce now grew up with Google and want the same level of access to information in their professional lives as their personal lives. Tettra makes it easy for teams to share, access and update their internal knowledge. We believe that transparent access to information empowers people to make better decisions and understand the impact of their work, which helps teams stay ahead. Thanks for checking Tettra out. We’ve been working on the product for a little over a year and are excited to share it with you all. We’d love for you to take it for a test drive and leave your comments, feedback and questions here. You can get started on our site for free in just one click by signing up with your Slack account.
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@andygcook Congrats! As someone who uses a wiki every day (that's the HubSpot way), I think this area is in much need of innovation. Wish you the best -- success couldn't come to a nicer group of folks. Cheers.
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@dharmesh Thanks, Dharmesh! Lots of blushing cheeks at Tettra HQ after reading your comment ☺️
@andygcook This looks great! Congratulations! I've been looking for something similar for ages... I'll definitely look into it!
@tart2000 Thanks for the kind words. Would love to have you check out the product for your projects. You can chat with us right in app, or my email is andy@tettra.co if you need to get a hold of me directly. We love candid product feedback, so please let us know what you think.
@andygcook I'm tired of this member based pricing! It does not apply to every online business. I rather pay 6$ to Slack where everybody can engage than you were usually 5% of the members generate content and 95% just occasionally observe. Also, I doubt that you have smart pricing model like Slack does when somebody isn't using the product in 14 days, they don't charge you.
Tettra is a modern take on the age old wiki which works nicely with Slack. Neat idea that I'm looking forward to watching evolve. One of the missing pieces of company collaboration is the ability to create and find internal company content without the headache of logging into multiple tools. Tettra has the potential to solve that and many other problems that document and wiki tools haven't yet.
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@hnshah such a beautiful replacement for Google docs :)
I LAHV Tettra. Had researched a lot of different platforms that took too much team time to get off the ground, and found Tettra earlier this year. Implemented it myself (non-dev)... and by implement I used Slack to log in. It's as easy as that. It took a month or two to make it robust enough for the team to rely on it, but launched it internally in May. I truly believe it's made the company (we're global!) more transparent + betterfasterstronger. Slack integration is awesome (if you know how to use Giphy... it's basically "/tettra find" and then it'll pull up your wiki pages w/the best results)... but I still open up the site every morning next to my Gmail, calendar, and other must-have apps. Oh yah, and the team behind the product is pretty awesome too. ;)
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@_jacksmith I saw Notion, but wasn't crazy about the tasks being included. That's cool and all, but we already have a task system that people can pop into. Tettra / our wiki, at least for us, does cover everything else that Notion lists on their site though - specs, internal KB, handbook, etc. There's some process detail in our wiki, and I actually link to our task manager if necessary, but it lists who's accountable for what / who contributed without getting into the nitty gritty step by step stuff. I also like that you can search Tettra within Slack and publish articles to a channel. Not sure if Notion has that yet. I will say that at the moment, Tettra doesn't have the nesting that Notion does. I think it all comes down to preferences / needs. :)
I mentioned this before, but Slack is particularly interesting as a social graph. Tettra is one of the few (non-bot / integrations) I've seen using this in a unique way.
@rrhoover Thanks for the comment, Ryan. Building on top of Slack has been really great for us so far. The APIs are the best I've ever worked with and the platform team is super helpful. They even opened up an endpoint when were we building our MVP about a year ago so we could create comments via the API. Here's the Twitter DM conversation http://imgur.com/a/J5iF9 I think you're right in that most companies aren't utilizing the Slack Platform as a social graph. Our theory at Tettra is that Slack is going to keep becoming the backbone of most organizations, or as I like to call it, the Slackbone 😁 We sort of think of Slack as a command center that all other systems hook into. Unifying the login under your team's Slack account saves a ton of administrative headache too.
@andygcook Andy... any plans to integrate with Ryver.com? I am not a fan of how they marketed themselves by going after Slack... but I can assure you, their product is quite potent and user-friendly. @rrhoover
@jimcanto Hey Jim. Great to meet you and great question. We're pretty focused on our Slack integration right now and because we have such limited engineering resources being a team of six people total, realistically I don't think we'll get to any other messaging platforms for the next few months. We do have plans to build more integrations into Tettra including GitHub, Google Apps and other messaging platforms like HipChat/Ryver. I'll make a note to ping you if we build out a Ryver integration. Thanks again for the comment and interest in Tettra.
@andygcook My pleasure. One more question; Are the Tettra pages visible only within Slack, as in logged in members only? (Forgive me if this question is naive.)
@jimcanto Not a naive question at all. All Tettra pages are only visible by members of your Slack team who sign into Tettra with their Slack account. The one note bene is that the Slack API doesn't allow single-channel or multi-channel guests to add integrations, so those people wouldn't be able to sign in to see Tettra pages.
At unmortgage.com we've been using tetra with great success, lightweight enough (think medium.com usability) with nice slack integration. We had a good look at the alternatives: atlassian, media wiki, even rolling our own. But in terms of price / ux it's a great win. The real magic is that we "live in slack" as a team, Dropbox/Tettra/Busybot means you never have to worry too much where something is due to really well thought through integrations. Like the Tettra feature request new page, or slack driven search.
@josefwasinski Thanks for using Tettra, Josef. We're so thankful for our customers like you 🙌🏾