Tetrisly for Figma

Starter kit for design systems and wireframes builder

Tetrisly is a new approach to organizing libraries in Figma and Sketch. It’s not another useless and unscalable UI Kit. 2500+ components help you create wireframes faster or create a library for a design system. Use "phunter" code and get 20% off (50 codes)!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hello, today is a huge day for us, after the big success of Tetrisly for Sketch we have just released Tetrisly for Figma. What is Tetrisly? Probably the most organized and smartest Sketch and Figma component library for professionals. Design wireframes using top-notch components library built with extreme attention to details. Begin the process of creating a design system with a well-organized components library. What are the benefits of Tetrisly? UX Designers: - Speed up the wireframing process. - Ensure the visual consistency of wireframes. - All changes are global, you don’t have to change all elements locally again and again. - Collaborate with other UX designers on library development and expansion. UI Designers: - Create one source of truth for your product - Just start creating the component library with ideal file organization - Build the right inheritance structure for design tokens and components based on your needs. - Better cooperation with other your co-worker. Product teams: - Reduce the entry threshold for new designers into the project. - A fully scalable file organization methodology gives you unlimited possibilities of product development. -Minimize the number of misunderstandings, mistakes and time-wasting thanks to good organization Read more about Tetrisly idea or Visit our page
Great product. Used it for Sketch. Cannot wait to run on Figma too
That was something I was waiting for! Used sketch one but after moving to Figma couldn't wait for official one!
Great! It will come in handy :)
Was a user of the Sketch version and loved how well organized and thorough it was. Our team has been transitioning to Figma and so this is a no-brainer for us.