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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm Yair, TestFairy's co-founder. Very excited to be here, launching our iOS platform on ProductHunt. TestFairy helps mobile developers do painless app testing. When you test your apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly happened on the client side, and what exactly happened before the app crashes on something went wrong. With TestFairy, you can see a video that shows you exactly what your user did. Every screen and every touch is recorded and the result is a video that can help the developer fix bugs faster than ever before. In addition to the videos, TestFairy provides coverage reports that show which parts of your app were tested on every device, visual analysis reports that compare they way your app looks on different devices, and heatmaps that can help you understand your users' behavior. For our launch we would like to offer you 3 months free on our premium package. Please use this coupon code when signing up: PRODUCTHUNT2015 If you have any question, I'm here all day and I'll be happy to help.
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@yairba Awesome! Have a few things going on right now and looking forward to trying this out. Question: I feel like I'm on a N0OB status by asking, but where does the code get applied? Signed up using the CTA input field and told me I have a 14-day trial.
@imcatnoone The free trial starts with our premium plan, you can use it with all our premium features for 14 days. In order to use the code, please sign up and enter the code in the payment page.
I've been using their android platform for couple of months. And I love it.
@galbracha Same. It's simple and I like that I can send clients a simple link to download and test.
Yo! I am Gil Megidish, TestFairy's CTO and party animal (one of the above is incorrect.) Feel free to ask me anything. 42.
Great product, great team, we'll be using TestFairy for our Android development.
Is this really free? I've tried AppSee and they also provide video recording, but their pricing was too steep and their free tier was virtually useless since it quickly converted to paid tier. If it is indeed free, how do you keep up with the costs of recording all the video captures?
@ezrasuki Hi Ezra, we have a few plans: free, startrup and enterprise. If all you need is a TestFlight replacement go for the free version, it has everything that TestFlight did + 200 video recordings per month. The next plan is the startup package that includes 10,000 video recording per month which is enough for all the startups that I know. It also has the option to connect the account to JIRA and have crashes posted automatically, plus heatmaps and visual analysis reports. If you need more than that, we'll be happy to talk.