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@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs. #7 on PH.
So bad ass... I'm just going to park my battery powered car in the garage of my battery powered home. It's a cool time to be alive.  See more
Adam Sigel
@adamsigel · PM @LastPass, Creator @bosproduct
As the price of solar power has dropped to levels rivaling coal, the new issue has become storage. A couple years ago, Hawaii was generating so much solar power it had to halt production because it was putting their grid at risk. Powerwall and Powerpack help address the load shifting issues that solar has suffered from. Elon's analogy of moving from landlin… See more
Raul Riera
@raulriera · I make things
Beautiful product, but I feel it could use a bit more of explaining on the solar panels. Because you obviously need to install those independently and that will impact the "Solar peak"
Bryan Wynkoop
@bryanwynkoop · Marketing @ 1776
Well done, Elon. Ties in nicely with $SCTY. Complete the loop and take this battery storage technology to the ISS on one of your rockets.
Emile Petrone
@emilepetrone · CEO, Tindie
For a great breakdown on how home batteries will fit into the future of energy, check out this post from Ramez Naam - "Why Energy Storage is About to Get Big – and Cheap." http://rameznaam.com/2015/04/14/...