Tesla Merchandise

All new merchandise from Tesla, now on Amazon 🏎️⚡

Tesla has launched a brand new Amazon Store to sell it's merchandise, which includes iPhones and more.

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    Good Quality and proud to wear it


    Some products are out of stock,

    For international buyers, its expensive to ship to home countries, but it worth it

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Loving these! Just sad that the old corp jackets are going out of stock :'(
@amrith Didn't even know they existed!
Great news for fans :)
Great job!! 😊 Is it available all over the world in Amazon stores, looking to buy these in India ?
Hard to tell if this is _actually_ done by Tesla, as technically anyone could've created an account and call it "Tesla" before they did, but if indeed true, this would work really well - Tesla doesn't need to be in business of shipping merchandise, they have bigger problems, so if Amazon can do it, why not!